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E Track Straps and Tie Downs

All of our e-track tie down straps are assembled with American made webbing, follow all C.V.S.A. and C.H.P. regulations and guidelines, and are D.O.T. approved. E track straps are popular for vans, box trucks, enclosed trailers, and other logistic applications. E track is used to control the movement of cargo during transportation in horizontal, vertical, and lateral directions. E-track tie downs typically load to track that has been welding or screwed to the wall of the trailer.

E-track straps are designed primarily for use inside box trucks. Typically 5' sections of horizontal E-track are drilled into the sides of the truck, and then the 2" spring e-fittings on the ends of the e track straps are connected securely into the e track and the strap is tightened using a tension device such as a 2" cam buckle (gives a strap with a Working Load Limit of 1,000 lbs.) or a 2" Wide Interior Ratchet (gives the strap a higher Working Load Limit of 1,466). There are also different sizes of e track straps. The ones we stock are 12 foot, 16 foot, and 20 foot depending on which one you want and how much spare webbing you would like. E track straps are used for holding down cargo such as boxes, equipment, or pallets. The ones we make are of the best quality and have long lasting made in USA webbing so that you don't have to replace your straps as often or worry about them as much.