Stenciled Design on Tie Down Straps

Our standard 1" and 3" straps have plain color webbing and no stenciling. Our 2" and 4" straps have a stenciled design that is different than the product page images. While the images for these say 'Made in USA' and have the 'WLL' stenciled on the webbing, the straps actually say just 'USA' and have a design as well as the 'WLL' on there. See example below:

We are currently in the process of getting all new product images to reflect this updated stenciling, but do not yet have all the photos, therefore we still have the images on our website for the old stencil design. You will receive this new 'USA' stenciled design on your 2" and 4" straps.

All Charged Up, LLC (d.b.a. will not accept product returns due to this difference in stenciled design.